Are you wondering, "why is my electric bill so high?" It's very common for extreme temperatures to cause energy usage to soar. Summer temperatures cause the demand for energy to increase as air conditioning systems work hard to keep us comfortable. Frigid winter weather brings with it peak demands for electricity as the majority of our members have electric heating systems. For example, our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative reported in January 2018 when record low temperatures created such a high demand for elecricity that four new all-time peak demand records were set in just one month!

One of the easiest ways to monitor your usage is by logging into our Member Service Portal or by downloading the SWEC mobile app. Both of these services have energy usage graphs which allow you to compare how different weather events effect your energy usage. Also, you may set up alerts & reminders through email and text messages which will help you stay on top of your energy usage.

But what can you do to prevent such large swings in your bill? The good news is, there are many things you can do to manage your usage as well as decrease it substantially. As your trusted energy advisor we have services to help you find out what's causing such high energy usage and some rebate incentives to help you. For a more permanent solution to decrease your energy usage, start by having a home energy audit which will give you a road map of the most cost effective items you can do to increase the efficiency of your home. A home energy audit is a "head to toe" inspection of your home, the HVAC system and the major appliances such as the water heater. Check out all of our Take Control & Save energy efficiency rebates by clicking here.


Additional resources to help understand "Why is my bill so high?", ways to decrease it and improve the comfort of your home at the same time: - A Cooperative Effort For Energy Efficiency

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