Southwest Electric Cooperative's Budget Billing program is an option for members who wish to pay the same amount each month. Your monthly payment is figured by an average of your previous 12 months. Each June the budget billed amount will be recalculated and any balance accrued will be due (or any credit accrued will be applied).

Members meeting the following guidelines will be eligible for the Budget Billing program:

  • Must be current on account.
  • No Large Power or Annual Billed accounts are eligible
  • At least 12 months of service at the current location
  • No late payments for the past 12 months
  • No returned checks or insufficient ACH payments for the past 12 months

To enroll in the Budget Billing program, contact any SWEC office during normal business hours.

Members participating in the Budget Billing program will go into collections and may become subject for disconnection if:

  • The budget amount is not paid, even if the account has a credit balance.
  • The account has a returned check or insufficient ACH payment.

The account will be removed from the Budget Billing program if it is disconnected for non-payment or at the discretion of the Member Services Department.

Members may also participate in the automatic bank draft or credit/debit card draft option with the Budget Billing program. With these options, the same amount would be electronically transferred from your bank account or credit card account each month.

To return to traditional monthly billing contact any SWEC office. If a balance has accrued on the account it will be due with the current months bill.


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