Southwest Electric Cooperative offers a Business Lighting Rebate to existing commercial, industrial, educational and agricultural members through the Take Control & Save energy efficiency program. 

Do you qualify?

Existing members in good standing with the cooperative and with atleast 10 lighting fixtures qualify. No rebate is available for new construction. The rebate amount will be determined prior to installation and certain requirements and restrictions apply.

How do you participate?

For existing facilities, the rebate is based on annual kWh saved. Contact the cooperative for details.

For new construction, beginning April 1, 2019 no rebate is available.

Pre-approval is preferred before you purchase and install the lighting equipment.

Once the new lighting is installed, the cooperative will perform an onsite inspection to verify the lighting installation. Lighting specification sheets and receipts will need to accompany the completed rebate application.

Rebate amount is figured at $0.06 per kWh saved annually and will be no more than 40 percent of the total fixture cost, not including labor cost.

To get your Business Lighting Rebate started please email Nick Seiner or call 800-262-0326.


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