Missouri's Electric Cooperatives have teamed up with Ameren Missouri to provide information and resources to our members and customers regarding dock safety. Use the resources below to stay informed on dock safety and do your part to ensure all dock users are Safe At The Lake!


  • All docks need continual inspections by their owners.
  • Flooding and water movement can cause wear on your dock's electrical equipment. Monthly ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) testing of electric equipment and bonding and grounding wires is recommended.
  • During the winter and after a flood, wires and electrical outlets can deteriorate due to excess moisture, freezing and thawing. Electrical equipment that worked well the prior season will need to be inspected before using the dock again.
  • Have both the dock and the power supply to the dock regularly inspected by a qualified electrician. Electrical problems in or near the house and lines feeding the dock can cause life-threatening problems, even with docks that meet code and have been inspected.
  • Never swim around a dock where breakers or GFCIs are tripping. HEED THE WARNING SIGNS! If in doubt, swim away from the dock and get out! If a breaker or GFCI trips, something is wrong and the dock should be considered unsafe until a qualified electrician inspects and fixes the problem.
  • Never attempt to energize or re-energize a breaker, or reset a GFCI while someone is swimming near the dock. Get the dock inspected and fixed before using or swimming nearby.
  • Do not touch any part of the dock or adjacent docks if a tingle or shock is felt. Exit the water away from the source of the shock. If possible, swim to the shoreline and exit there.
  • For additional information on dock electrical safety, contact your local fire district and visit SafeAtTheLake.com and SafeElectricity.org

If you feel a shock, swim away from the dock!




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