CYCLE is an award winning, three day conference held at our state capital in Jefferson City in July. It brings in some of the brightest young leaders from across Missouri - around 125 students. The focus is to show students more about electric cooperatives, teach leadership skills and experience Missouri state government. The program includes nationally know speakers, a day at the state Capitol where the students debate their own bill on the floor of the Missouri House! A tour of the Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton is a field trip you wont forget! There is also time for some fun things like an outdoor barbeque and a hypnosis. The group is also divided up into smaller teams that compete in various events like the “build a cooperative” game.

Delegates for the CYCLE program are selected from the Youth Tour essay and interview contest. The two runner-up entries from the Youth Tour contest are awarded the CYCLE trip. CYCLE is also an all-expense paid experience for high school juniors with the same eligibility requirements as Youth Tour.

The 2022 CYCLE program is scheduled for July 13 - 15.



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