SWEC has begun phasing out high pressure sodium (HPS) automatic lights with new light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. Any existing HPS light which requires maintenance will be replaced with a LED fixture. Any new automatic light installations will also be a LED fixture.

While the LED fixture cost more to purchase it uses less energy and has a longer life expectancy than the HPS bulb. Over time, the energy and maintenance savings offset the purchase price and ultimately save our members money. SWEC is able to charge the same amount for the LED fixture as was charged for the HPS bulb.

Current charges for a LED automatic light:

  • $20 installation charge and $7 per month - with existing electric service
  • $120 installation charge and $10 per month - stand alone light requiring a transformer
  • Included in the monthly charge is the energy used by the fixture and all maintenance and replacement costs.
  • If a member wishes to replace an existing HPS automatic light with a LED automatic light before a maintenance issue has occured, they may pay the $20 installation charge to have the fixture changed.

To order a LED automatic light or to report a maintenance issue with your current automatic light, contact your local SWEC office and have your account information ready.

Pictured below is a view of the 12 LED's which are the yellow dots inside the clear domes on the fixture.

Pictured below is a view of the 12 L.E.D lights


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