SWEC is in the process of phasing out high pressure sodium (HPS) automatic lights with light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. Existing HPS fixtures requiring maintenance will be replaced with a LED fixture. Any new automatic light installations will also be a LED fixture.

Current charges for a LED automatic light:

  • $20 installation charge and $7 per month - with existing electric service
  • $120 installation charge and $10 per month - stand alone light requiring a transformer
  • Included in the monthly charge is the energy used by the fixture and all maintenance and replacement costs.
  • If a member wishes to replace an existing HPS automatic light with a LED automatic light before a maintenance issue has occured, they may pay the $20 installation charge to have the fixture changed.

To order a LED automatic light or to report a maintenance issue with your current automatic light, contact your local SWEC office during normal business hours. All maintenance and/or installations of automatic lights will be performed during normal working hours and service routing. 

Pictured below is a view of the 12 LED's which are the yellow dots inside the clear domes on the fixture.

Pictured below is a view of the 12 L.E.D lights


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