New Construction: To have a new service constructed, please fill out and submit an application for service and enter "new construction" in the comment field of the application. A Member Service Representative will contact you once we receive your application.

Existing Service: To have an existing service transferred or connected, please fill out and submit an application for service:

To ensure the correct service is transferred/connected, please provide atleast one of the following when applying:

  • A meter number (the serial number on the face of the meter)
  • A pole location number (the metal tag on the pole)
  • The physical/service address.

* Fees which may be required when applying for service:

  • $20 set up fee for each meter you are requesting service at.
  • $20 connect fee (not applicable if transferring existing service).
  • Security deposit, will be determined based on a utility credit check obtained through SWEC’s online utility exchange service along with the electric usage history at the location in which service is being requested.
  • $20 auto light installation fee (if applicable).



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