June 9, 2017

Southwest Electric Cooperative reinforces commitment of guiding principle Concern for Community.

One of the earliest cooperative enterprises was a store started by weavers in the town of Rochdale, England, in 1844. As a way to define the characteristics of this newer type of organization, the Rochdale weavers drew up a set of principles for cooperatives to live by. The seventh of these was "Concern for Community." Southwest Electric Cooperative is proud to embrace this principle of concern for community.

SWEC has partnered with our lender, CoBank, through their Sharing Success program, to make donations to three local University of Missouri Extension offices. The Benton, Camden and Hickory county Extension offices each received a donation of $3,500 from SWEC.  MU Extension has an office located in almost every county throughout the state.  With a community-based mission to be a one-stop source for practical education on almost anything, MU serves as a research-based information and education source on topics ranging from agriculture, business development, youth development, health & nutrition to emergency management.

"We are thrilled to provide some much needed financial help to these important community partners," said James Ashworth, CEO/general manager of SWEC. "Our concern for the communities we live in is not just a feel good saying. The board of directors and employees of Southwest live it by taking action and giving back. The Sharing Success program is a great example of that."

CoBank is a cooperative owned by their borrowers and a mission-based lender focused on agriculture and rural infrastructure businesses in rural America. SWEC, headquartered in Bolivar, serves more than 41,000 services throughout 11 counties in southwest Missouri. The very nature of a cooperative lends itself to working with one's neighbors for the common good. SWEC is proud to live out that principle through the Sharing Success program and give back to our communities. This is the third year of the Sharing Success partnership between CoBank and SWEC.

To learn more about the resources and services available through your local county MU Extension office visit www.extension.missouri.edu

Shown below, Ted Zeugin, manager of Member Services and Communications, making a $3,500 donation to the Benton, Camden and Hickory county MU Extension offices.

SWEC present donations to Benton, Camden and Hickory county MU Extension offices


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