The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Members was held on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in the Lucas Oil Speedway Pit Area in Wheatland, Missouri.

Four directors elected, no rate increase anticipated in 2021 and 2022.

Nearly 700 members registered at the meeting. CEO/General Manager, James Ashworth provided an update to the membership on the status of the cooperative's business operations and an outlook for the coming year. Ashworth announced the cooperative is holding rates stable in 2021 and he anticipates no rate increase will be needed in 2022. Completing his report, Ashworth noted the cooperative has continued to invest in improvements and upgrades to the utility plant with a total investment in 2020 of $7,849,252 or 12.24 percent of 2020 total operating revenues. Nearly 60 percent of each dollar of revenue was used to buy electricity to serve the members of the cooperative with reliable electric service.

Cooperative members Jack Bybee of Hickory County, Carl Button of Hickory County, and Michael Frieze of Greene County were elected to serve three-year terms with Barry Edwards of Benton County being elected to a two-year term on the cooperative’s board of directors. Eddie Ben Gorden retired from the board after 36 years of service. Mr. Gorden was apart of the board during an era of the largest changes in the cooperative's history. During his time on the board, the cooperative experienced major growth in services, the addition of two district offices, and technology improvements which saw the cooperative go from self-read meters to fully automated. Also during his tenure, the board made major investments in safety training and equipment to ensure employees went home everyday the same way they came to work. Thank you for your service, Eddie!

During the Treasurer's Report, Manager of Finance and Accounting, Leslie Cantrell highlighted the financial strength of the cooperative including the fact SWEC achieved some of the lowest operating costs among cooperatives in the state and nation in 2020.

The members also voted to approve the proposed By-Law amendments which gives the board of directors the option to include virtual formats for future annual meetings, voting, and director elections and also updated the order of business for quorum to allow for virtual attendees.

To close out the meeting, prizes were drawn for members to receive a credit on their electric account. The following members were the winners: $50 winners: Anita Beard, Dorothy Boring, Jenny Boten, Buckhorn Well Assoc., Milton Dickensheet, Richard Dringenberg, Phillip Hankammer, Larry Hayward, Karl Kreeger, Donald Lafond, John Moore, Rita Myers, Smaira Newman, James Parks, Larry Rambo, D L Reser, Daniel Robinson, Vonda Smith, Marvin Sokolik, Cheryl Stroud, and Jerry Wilson. $100 winners: Campbell Grove Church, Susan Carnes, Bill Ingram, Loren Jordan, Lakeview Hills Water System, David Moliga, Charles Nickerson Sr., David Payne, Ernie Presley, William Rainey, Gary Simpson, Deborah Tucker, Michelle Warmington, Linda Yarbrough, and Robert Zebrowski. $250 grand prize winners: John Peck and James Walker. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to those who attended the meeting!


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