Thank you to the 764 members who attended the 81st Annual Meeting of the Members at Lucas Oil Speedway on Tuesday, September 15, 2020!

Directors elected for a three-year term during the meeting:

Daniel Mauss - District 1
Dennis Hurley - District 4
Nancy Erickson - District 8

Members who won prizes drawn during the meeting:

$50 winners: Denise Weeks, Danny Coffey, Farin Jump, Isabelle Cotton, William Garretson, Linda Dimond, Kerry & Dorothy Carder, Dean Allee, Kevin Ryan, Mike Stiles, Brian Stuckey, Michael & Cathy Hanes, Clifton Crawford, Kenneth Anderson, Franz & Elizabeth Hallatschek, Jeanette Keepes, Jody Vecchio, Bobby Howerton, Michael & Savannah Gleason, and Clifton Smith

$100 winners: John & Sandra Peck, Albert & Mary Kerns, Mary Shoaf, John Kerstetter, Patti Sharp, Bennett Cunard, Max & Betty Buckner, Arthur Wescoat, Howard Lauterbach, James Horn, Shirley Cook, Alice Kugler, Dixie & Frank Burbaugh, Polk County Humane Society, and Terry Butler

$250 grand prize winners: James Welch and Otis Dreesen


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