Assistance Agencies

The following Missouri Community Action Agencies help provide assistance to members residing within Southwest Electric Cooperative's service territory: Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC), Missouri Ozarks Community Action, Inc. (MOCA), and West Central Missouri Community Action Agency (WCMCAA).

Click here for a map to find out which Community Action Agency serves your location.

Online Bill Pay

Southwest Electric Cooperative offers the ability for members to make one-time payments, set up recurring payments, view electric-usage history, and create alerts/reminders on our Member Service Portal.  If you need assistance or encounter problems when setting up your online account please call toll free 800-262-0326.

To create a New User ID and Password or to access an Existing Online Account, click below:

Click Here To View Your Account.

Budget Billing

Southwest Electric Cooperative's Budget Billing program is an option for members who wish to pay the same amount each month.  Your monthly payment is an average of your previous 12 months usage and will stay that amount until June of the following year.  June will be the "settle up month".  This means the actual balance plus the current bill will be due (or any credit accrued will be applied) at this time and your monthly payment, for the next 12 months, will be adjusted up or down. 

Members must meet the following guidelines to be eligible for the Budget Billing program:

  • Member must be current on their bill.
  • No Large Power or Cabin accounts are eligible.
  • Member must have at least 12 months service at the current location.
  • Member must have had no late payments for the past 12 months.
  • Member must have had no returned checks or insufficient ACH payments for the past 12 months.

To enrol in the Budget Billing program, contact any SWEC office during normal business hours.

Members participating in the Budget Billing program will go into collections and may become subject for disconnection if:

  • The budget amount is not paid, even if the account has a credit balance.
  • The account has a returned check or insufficient ACH payment.

The account will be removed from the Budget Billing program if it is disconnected for non-payment or at the descretion of the Member Services Department.

Members may also participate in the automatic bank draft or credit/debit card draft option with the Budget Billing program.  With these options, the same amount would be electronically transferred from your bank account or credit/debit card account each month.

Once enrolled in Budget Billing, if the member decides to return to traditional monthly billing contact any SWEC office.  No fees or penalties will be applied, however, if a balance has accrued on the account it will be due with the current months bill.

Understanding Your Bill

Southwest Electric Cooperative's billing dates are the 20th of each month with a due date on the 10th of the following month.  The billing statements are mailed on the 21st of each month.  When the due date of the 10th falls on a weekend, or holiday, the due date will be extended to the following business day.

Read more: Understanding Your Bill

Rate Structure and Fees

Single Phase Service

Availability Charge

All kWhs used $0.084
Example cost of 1,000 kWhs $104.00



Three Phase Service

Minimum Demand Charge*

All kWhs used $0.084

Demand Charge per KWD                                      (no charge for first 20 KWD)


*Three Phase minimum charge is figured at $0.75 x transformer KVA with a minimum charge of $25.00.

Click Here for a map of the United States that shows the average residential rate for each state.


Late Fee:

A late fee of 10% will be applied to any amount unpaid by the current balance due date.

Collection Fees for Delinquent Accounts:

$20.00   Service Charge
$20.00   Reconnection Fee (During business hours)
$25.00   Reconnection Fee (Afterhours for meters with Automatic Disconnect Devices)
$180.00 Reconnection Fee (Afterhours when dispatching a crew is necessary)

Returned Check Fee:

A $20.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.