Power Outages

Currently, there is no large scale power outage to report. Please note, individual power outages will not be reported.


If you are currently experiencing a power outage, please check a few things before reporting it to the cooperative:

The first thing to do is check your meter (weather permitting).  If your meter's electronic display is blank, then a call to the cooperative is necessary and a crew will be dispatched to restore your power.

If the meter is displaying or flashing any numbers, then you do have power at the meter and will need to further check your service, as the cooperatives service ends at the meter itself. Check the main breaker below the meter (if your meter is on the pole) and check the fuses or breakers at the breaker box.  If all the fuses and breakers are functioning properly and you still are without power, a call to an electrician may be necessary.

To report an outage, please do NOT email or use the "Contact Us" link. Instead, please call our power outage phone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, at 800-262-0326; please have your account information ready.